October 4, 2017

Bathing Bird and Backyard Geese

Sparrows seem to love birdbaths! Sometimes I see one splashing in our other one, which I can see from a window.

It's been dry here for several weeks, so I'm making an effort to keep water available for the birds. Drought is hard on our feathered friends! They don't need the basin to be full; I think they prefer shallow water.

A family of geese continues to visit our back yard. There are other geese and ducks on the community lake but this group strolls through my yard every day.


  1. Hello! Cute sparrows. The photo of geese is great.

  2. ...nice feathered friends.

  3. Hello, cute shots of the sparrow and geese. I hope we have some rain soon. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day.

  4. Cute sparrows! I enjoy watching birds splash about like that.

  5. Cute photo of the sparrow in the birdbath.

  6. I love that the geese drop by every day! I don't have a birdbath, but the sparrows certainly enjoy the puddles from our springtime rains.


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