September 22, 2017

More Pictures from Mt. Wilson

Yesterday I posted pictures of Mount Wilson Observatory in California. The location is named for Benjamin Wilson, who built a trail to the top in 1864. He was seeking wood for wine casks but the trees did not prove suitable and the trail was mostly abandoned for over a decade. The mountains there are rugged but eventually citizens of nearby Pasadena started exploring them. In the 1880's, an observatory was built on Wilson's Peak but was abandoned due to harsh weather and the isolation of the site.

In 1903, astronomer George Hale chose the site for a new observatory due to the excellent view of the skies there. He secured funding from local philanthropists and the Carnegie Institution.

You can read more about the history on

Marie and I enjoyed our visit there. It was a beautiful day. I wound up walking more than I intended and got sore feet, but it was still a great experience.
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Haramokngna Indian Cultural Center
Big Tujunga Canyon Road


  1. Hello, the views of the mountains are beautiful. Lovely place to visit. Great photos. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Great views and interesting history. Looks like you had fabulous weather.

  3. Most interesting several posts on Mt. Wilson. The views are certainly spectacular...:)

  4. Lots of memories up there, I have been there quite a few times living close by.

  5. Wonderful hike! Would be easy to over-do!

  6. What a gorgheos landscape! My favorite is the first photo.
    Thanks for joining, enjoy your weekend


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