September 8, 2017


This evening we went to a concert so I didn't have time to create a long post. I've been thinking of doing shorter posts on average, anyway.

I wanted to at least join My Town Shoot Out and today's topic is Memories. I selected this photo of a phone booth that I saw last month in Shenandoah National Park. I have memories of these being everywhere and in the days before cell phones, I made good use of them.

Yes, I know I caught my reflection. It's vague, like many of my memories.

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  1. I remember our phone booths and made good use of them. At one time my partner and I used to phone the local phone (which was conveniently situated in front of our house) to keep in touch with each other.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. I enjoy the reflection. the pay phone is a relic it seems. We had one in the dorms and anyone might seemed like a lot when they changed from a dime to a quarter.How many can fit in a booth? LOL

  3. Less and less of them here now. It costs fifty cents here to make a call from them, which I find ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that they don't provide change.

  4. What will Superman do when all the phone booths are gone? :)


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