September 4, 2017

Late Summer Scenes

Good: The gardens at Glen Burnie in Winchester are still beautiful! I used Canva to combine these images. (Click on the collage to see it larger.)
Sharing with Mosaic Monday
Random: Seen from Belle Grove Road, Middletown, VA.
The Barn Collective
Fun: Young folks enjoy the fun house at the Shenandoah County Fair.

Monday Mural


  1. Fab collection of G,B & F images this week, Linda, who doesn't love a visit to the fun house and those crazy mirrors!
    Great to have you back with me again for MM this week.

  2. ...Linda, I've also seen many barns with moody skies this year. My grandkids love the fun house at the fair, this one would be right up their alley. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  3. Helo, pretty collage and images. I love all the flowers. The barn and sky shot is beautiful. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. The fun house was always a favorite as a kid

  5. A fine barn for the barn collective. Nice one.

  6. That looks like a very cool fun house. I really like the photo of the stone building and the single flower, it's positioned so well under the window.

  7. Late summer is definitely still beautiful in your area! Lovely pictures all. I'll look into Canva ... your collage looks wonderful, especially enlarged. I use Picassa, but have heard Google is going to do away with it eventually.

  8. Can't go wrong with a fun house. I remember taking my daughter through one and it was based on 2001 a Space Odyssey, dark inside with the music and popup aliens, it was weird.
    I'm going to check canva out, I like the way you did that collage. Very nice photos Linda.

  9. Just love your mosaic, the barn looks good too, and fun houses are fun aren't they!

    All the best Jan

  10. The mosaic is very pretty - in late summer we appreciate the blooms that are left very much.

  11. This does look like fun. I'm especially fond of the ape in the suit and tie. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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