September 29, 2017

Five from the Reagan Library

One of the places we visited in California was the Reagan Presidential Library. I was interested in seeing a special exhibit on the Titanic, and Frank's sister was looking forward to a drive in scenic Simi Valley. The setting for the building is beautiful. 

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The landscaping is very pleasant. I noticed this topiary representing an elephant, the mascot of the Republican Party.
Weekend Greens
Here we are reflecting on the Preamble of the Constitution.
Weekend Reflections
After touring the Titanic exhibit, we went through an exhibit on Reagan's presidency during the Cold War and a room devoted to his ranch life, which was set up for a photo op.

By this time my feet were hurting, so I sat in the lobby while Frank and his sister went off to see Air Force One. I wasn't a fan of Reaganomics but Reagan was dignified and respected, which I can appreciate in retrospect.

Click on image to see a larger version.


  1. Museums can be exhausting... We weren't fan of Reagan in his time too, but in retrospective he seems properly. Today's president makes the world not better, sigh (my opinion from outside of the States)!

    To your question: I don't exactly know, what a plant it is. I think, it's any kind of Euonymus (190 kinds), normally the seeds are coloring red, but I've seen it yesterday again and they are still green, like at my photo from august. Never seen before or at another place...

  2. Should have had them pushing you in a chair. LOL

  3. That top image has a 3D quality to it...very nicely done.

  4. Nice post! I would love to visit the Reagan Library someday.

  5. Love the pink flowers in your first photograph.
    Enjoyed your post.

    All the best Jan

  6. what a great experience! love the elephant topiary! i enjoyed all the photos! thanks so much for sharing linda and i hope to see you again soon! :)


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