August 1, 2017

Young at Heart

Coming up with a picture to illustrate a topic can be a real challenge. Sometimes I have trouble coming up with any image for the City Daily Photo theme, but this time I had trouble choosing one from several that would be appropriate. The theme for August in "Young at Heart."

Young people being young is a possibility, but it didn't feel right or perhaps I didn't have the right image. Older people acting young is more satisfying to me, like in the picture from when my in-laws visited in June.

And then there's older people doing what they love. I think this keeps you young at heart!

I can't help thinking of my mom and how young she stayed for so many years. Here she was playing frisbee with her grandchildren. But those years did not last forever, and eventually back pain and COPD slowed her down. When she was 70, she gave up camping and hiking because it became painful to her. Of course, it was getting hard for my dad too.

Which brings me to myself. I am now at an age that I used to consider old. Like my mom, I look a little younger than my age but there is no denying that I am enough to get Social Security. And foot pain has really slowed me down.

When I was younger, I wanted to travel. Now it sounds like an incredible amount of effort, between the foot pain and my dietary challenges. (I have foot allergies plus other menu limitations.) Fortunately I live in an area that is ideal for day trips, or even one-hour trips like visiting Skyline Drive.

I have come to accept that I will not do everything that I want to do. However, I can do one wonderful thing, or two or three or thirty! And I have beauty around me and music whenever I want it!

The key to being young at heart is enthusiasm. Make it a point to do things that you love, seek out something that is meaningful. You may be past the reckless passions of youth, but look at what you have within your reach! Make it a priority to do something wonderful.
[The final photo is a selfie I took on Skyline Drive yesterday. The first picture is also on Skyline Drive, at Dickey Ridge, which is only 18 miles from my home.]
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  1. Seen a few young at Heart posts this week but face it we are all young at heart

  2. Hello, I hope you have some relief for your foot pain. Loved the Young at Heart photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. I try to stay as young as I can. Sometimes I get up the next day and feel it more.I just rode 45 miles over hill and dale in a cross state bike ride just to say that I can still.

  4. I'm on the Parkway and recognize that view, also that acceptance to do wonderful things in a "small is beautiful" way.

  5. I enjoyed reading your essay. Compared to my mother when she was 67, I act like a spring chicken in all that I do. And yet, I know it's less than I used to do in a day. With my partner's stroke, it's easy to start feeling old and infirm. But I won't allow him to do that (he's 74), because it's not healthy for either of us. We may not DO as much as back in the day, but we can FEEL young at heart today.

  6. very nice and positive post with great examples for the topic.

  7. A good illustrated essay, Linda. Sorry that your feet are hobbling you. I am 70 and so far I am able to do most everything physically that I could do before, though I get tired more easily. I travel now because a time will come when I can't. I even have a hiking trip in France/Spain on the calendar for September. It will be a test of how much I have slowed down.

  8. Lovely, happy photos! Including the one of you! :)

  9. Your first shot is my favourite of these.

  10. I just love this post, not only the photographs, but the important points you make in it too.
    So positive, keep positive

    All the best Jan

  11. What a great post! You captured the theme very well, I think. I like your accompanying words too. So true.

  12. Some decent pictures and a good story to go with them


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