August 21, 2017

Today's Eclipse


The Good: I did not buy eclipse glasses far enough ahead of time and they were sold out in our area. I went up to Skyline Drive with the idea of taking pictures of people in odd-looking glasses and photographers. (After all, the September theme for City Daily Photo is "Photographing the Photographer.")

As I wandered through the crowd at an overlook in the minutes before the moon crossed the sun's path, a woman asked me if I wanted a pair of glasses! She had purchased a batch of them and did not need them all for her family. Wow, thank you!

The Random: Here's the view from the overlook shortly before the eclipse.  

The Fun: People were enjoying the event. Here a man tries out a pinhole viewer he had made from an paper bag and a scrap of foil.

Below are some more pictures from the occasion. People had fun even though we were not in the path of the total eclipse and it only appeared as a small crescent. 
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  1. We had 99.3% totality in Portland. I took a break and went outside to watch the eclipse with some of my coworkers. Truly amazing experience!

  2. How kind of the lady to share! An exciting day & what a great viewpoint!

  3. Hello, looks like a fun event at Shenandoah. We had cloudy skies and did not see anything. It was nice of the lady to share the glasses. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. I joined a small group and it was fun to share the moment

  5. Very kind of her!

    One of our museums had an event for it. I didn't attend, but I did go out at peak time- looked around at the blue sky, which did have a strange tone to it.

  6. It wasn't a total eclipse here, so I watched it on TV. Nice of that woman to share a pair of glasses with you.

  7. I thought even at that it would be darker than it was. Oh well, I was totally unprepared for it anyway.

  8. That was so nice of her ...
    Loved all of your photo's.

    All the best Jan

  9. We had almost 2% sunlight during the eclipse and interestingly that is a lot of light! lol Looks like it was a great experience for you!

  10. Lucky you. What a nice lady. That was quite an experience, wasn't it? How a beautiful week.

  11. You had fun! What a nice lady. I loved watching and am working on a blog post.

  12. Glad you enjoyed the eclipse.


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