August 4, 2017

To Beach or Not to Beach

Mersad at My Town Shoot Out has challenged us to show the beach closest to our town. Since the nearest classic beach is an hour away (at Bryce Resort, Luray, or Trout Pond in West Virginia),  I'm going to share some different beach types.

Our neighborhood lake has a gravel beach but it's only used by waterfowl. It is not suitable for human swimming, or even barefoot wading. Let's just say the waterfowl have fouled the water.

Down the road in Strasburg, the town park fronts on the North Fork of the Shenandoah. A boat landing is used by people fishing and wading.

Weekend Reflections
In the other direction, the town of Front Royal has a boat ramp that's popular for wading. The water isn't normally very deep at Eastham Park but it moves along swiftly.

A few miles upstream is Shenandoah River State Park. Here also there is no designated beach, but the boat ramp is popular with waders and tubers. It is also a popular place for people with kayaks and canoes to come ashore. Again, the water is usually shallow here.

These children were with a church group that came for a picnic.


  1. These are fun shots Linda, with everyone enjoyed themselves, even those ducks.

  2. We're suffering from lightening and storms right now but weather on those photos looks good. That't the way it it though.

  3. Hello, playing in the water is a fun time. Love the ducks. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. The water in all its shapes and forms is a draw to young and old. Nice pictures!

  5. Summer is fun time in the water for lots of people. I grew up beside the water outside of Boston and loved going to the beach anytime for swimming or walking. Wonderful photos Linda.

  6. One of my favorite beaches is a sandbar in a nearby state park I have went to for decades.

  7. I love being near water.
    Great photographs you've shared.

    All the best Jan


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