July 5, 2017

Virginia Beach Birds

Would you believe I went to Virginia Beach and never stepped in the ocean? I didn't even walk on the sand, except for a bit of sand that Frank brought into the hotel room on his shoes! My feet and ankles were hurting, and since I have been there before, it didn't seem worth the effort to walk on the beach.

So I didn't get any of my usual close-up shots of sea gulls. However, I took plenty of pictures from our balcony, and a few of those had birds in them.  The pink sky pictures are from around 6:30 in the morning. 

Can you spot the white egret in the swamp? This is at First Landing State Park and I took it from the car. 

The last picture shows a pelican but it is not a live one. This is a model in the Trails Center at the State Park. 


  1. Hello Linda!:) I hope your feet, and ankles, feel better now. Mine swell in the heat too.

    Lovely pink sky and bird shots, and I love the view of the swamp and white egret. The sculpture not so much! Have a good rest of the week.:)

  2. Hello, I hope your feet are feeling better now. That is a shame not to walk on the beach. Love the egret and the pelican model. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Le pélican est très beau ;-)
    Céline & Philippe

  4. I hope your feet are feeling better. My parents live near a beach and I often visit without even seeing the beach!


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