July 7, 2017

Notes on Our Trip to Virginia Beach

Is it Friday already? 

1. Yes it is, so I'm going to use the Willy Nilly Friday format  of five topics to share some more Virginia Beach photos, starting with this special one, which I'm sharing with Skywatch and Orange You Glad It's Friday. The man in the surf is using a standup paddleboard and he was out there at dawn.

2. Although Virginia Beach is in our state, it is a long, long drive from home!

And the traffic can be pretty thick as you get close to the beach! Following my sister's recommendation, I had downloaded the Waze app and it helped us get around much of the traffic. Still, at some point you have to cross the harbor at Hampton Roads and delays there are unavoidable on a Saturday.

Our total time including a short lunch stop was seven hours. The return trip was a couple hours shorter because we did it on a weekday and traffic was lighter. I even dared to go up I-95 as far as Fredericksburg. We used to live near that highway and it is often clogged with bumper-to-bumper vehicles.

Oh, for a while we had our car's GPS talking to us at the same time as Waze and they did not agree. It was only funny for a little while so I cancelled the GPS routing.

3. Our room had an ocean view. Frank had reserved one with a "kitchen" which came in handy. I use quotes because it was very small and basic, but at least we did not have to eat breakfasts in a restaurant. Restaurants at the beach are expensive and crowded.

4. Since my feet were too sore for much walking, I spent some time on the balcony taking pictures. Here are some of people on the boardwalk, which is not made of boards but has both a wide concrete walkway and a paved path for bikes. 

5. I was glad I had packed my old Nikon with a zoom lens because I was able to get pictures of the beach and ocean from our balcony. I got so many images that I made them into collages using PhotoCollage


  1. These views are very familiar to me and it is fun to see VA Beach through your camera lens. Thanks for sharing Linda and have a great weekend:)

  2. Hello, wonderful photos. I like the view from the room. The orange sky is just stunning. Happy weekend to you!

  3. I know what you mean about traffic in Virginia. I don't venture near Norfolk or Virginia Beach when I am driving anymore. Just too much for me. Have fun.

  4. Olá perdi muita coisa , mas não estou bem de saúde . dei uma sumidinha....lugar lindo de praia!

  5. It looks as if you had a great time in Virginia Beach. I'm glad we go to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, where the traffic is much less than what you encountered.

  6. Great pictures! The traffic was horrible when we went there--enough so that I doubt that we will return. We had a nice time, but we liked visiting Myrtle Beach better.


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