July 17, 2017

Nostalgia Random-osity

The Good: Here I'm looking back a few weeks to when we were in Virginia Beach. These murals honor members of the armed services. Unfortunately they are partially blocked by utility poles.

Here's a closer view of one. For more murals, check out the linkup at Oakland Daily Photo.

The Random: These re-enactors added some color to the anniversary of the Battle of Cool Spring.

I made a collage using Canva. It was my first time trying it and I struggled a little.

Sharing with Mosaic Monday

The Fun: Young Alex really enjoys dressing up in Civil War costumes. He is the son of Professor Noyalas.  


  1. ...fabulous mural and I like 'the little drummer boy.'

  2. Hello, love the mural and seeing the re-enactors. The young boy is cute. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  3. Great collection of people and places linking now and then. Greetings from Florida!

  4. A really nice mural. Good way to keep their sacrifices alive in our minds.

  5. Quite a mural! The re-enactors are a nice touch too.

  6. Nice mural and pics of the civil war re-enactors.

  7. The mural is just fantastic. I've never seen a reenactment but the seem to be fun. The little guy is adorable.
    FYI: I use photoscape (photoscape.org) for mosaics. I think it's pretty easy.

  8. The murals are wonderful. Another option for collages is Picmonkey.

  9. Neat mural! It's cool to see the young boy participating in the reenactment.


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