July 14, 2017

Mid-July and Friday Already

It's Friday again, and the Willy Nilly Friday format gives me a chance to catch up on posting some pictures that aren't particularly related to each other. 

1. Orange You Glad It's Friday? I like the peach and orange colors of this lily.

2. Mersad has challenged us to post rainbows this week. This one was very briefly a double rainbow. By the time I got in position to take a picture, the upper rainbow had already started to fade away. Can you see it?
Also sharing with Skywatch Friday
3. This picture of geese and a fountain was softer than I intended, but I like the colors and feeling. 

Weekend Reflection
4. Did you ever get tired of driving and just want to lie down? These folks found picnic benches at a visitor center to be a good place for a rest, while their dog made himself comfortable on the table.
Sharing with Weekend Green
5. These wagon wheels are purely sold for decorations. I don't think they would support a wagon for very long. 


  1. ...and Friday comes around fast every week.

  2. Hello, I love the rainbow. Gorgeous. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great selection, lovely colors in that first shot

  4. cool about the double rainbow! cheers~

  5. Yes, I can see the double rainbow!

  6. Pretty flowers! Yes, I can see a hint of the outer rainbow. Those never seem to be as bold as the "main" bow. I like the soft feel of the geese pic. Green is always good.

  7. This post could be entitled, No Meme Left Behind. You certainly did justice to them all. BTW, have you tried the geese image in B&W? I'm wondering if that might give a superior result.

  8. Nice assortment of photos. I like those pretty colors in the first shot.

  9. A double rainbow, wow! Nice break and: my cat is always sitting at the table too, seems the best place for animals...
    Thanks for joining, have a good new week

    (I had much trouble with my PC and your comment form wasn't working for me, today finally it seems over)

  10. Double rainbow -- lucky you! Gorgeous lily. At least the folks didn't continue to drive if they needed a nap. Looks like a great spot for one! Fun series.


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