July 22, 2017

Five Critter Pictures

There are so many ducklings this year! We may have an overpopulation of ducks soon. Or perhaps some of them will move to other ponds, unlike our resident geese.
Black and White Weekend
My buddy Flash is hanging in there. His age and heart condition have slowed him down but he enjoys lounging around. His appetite for dog food has lessened but he still likes people food and snacks!

This Canada Goose was with his family members but they are obscured by the branches. 

The next bird, a parrot, is a not native to Virginia. He was keeping an eye on his companion's table at the farmers market in Front Royal.

The final image has a bird too. Do you see it in the tree on the right?


  1. Wow, a white parrot! (it's our dream to have one here with us, maybe later, when the cat isn't more...- ) and your sweet buddy -
    Maybe a hunter will take some goose later in autumn?
    Enjoy your sunday

  2. Great portrait of Flash!

  3. I like this post very much...shows you had a wonderful day with the goslings, the parrot at the farmer's market and the wonderful countryside dotted with a Canada Goose family. And your favorite 4 legged family member....sweet portrait.

    Thanks so much for joining us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  4. Hello, The ducklings are so cute. I love the parrot, it is a neat pet. I found the bird in the last shot. Your Flash is a sweetie. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  5. Beautiful photo of the ducklings - perfectly composed.
    Flash has his priorities right - treats first, food if he must ;) Way back I used to boil chicken fillets for our old dog at the time, as it was the one thing she would eat.

  6. Nice critter shots. Flash looks quite content in that shot.

  7. Hello Linda!:) Charming photo of Flash, and the lovely white parrot. The Canada Goose framed by the trees is a pretty image too.
    Best Regards.

  8. Flash is a sweetie! We see a guy here in Eugene with a shoulder pet just like that lady's ... he walks all over town even in busy areas and the bird just sits there. (Not native to Oregon either ;)). I like your (and our) wild birds better.

  9. Yes, I can see that bird in the last shot. Quite a parrot!


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