July 12, 2017

Birds and a Buck Moon

I'm glad I have a zoom lens. The birds in my yard would never let me get this close! I photographed the mourning doves from inside a window. 

I went outside to get pictures of the moon, though. I leaned the lens against a post to keep it from shaking when I pressed the shutter, and none too soon! There were clouds just above the moon and a few moments later, it disappeared behind them.

I read that the full moon of July was called the "buck moon" by Native Americans because at this time the antlers of a buck (male deer) reach their full size. 

This is not a "real" owl. It was a stuffed model we saw at a fundraising event for the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

The last two photos show one of our local mallard families. We've seen a population explosion of ducks this year, with at least two broods on the community lake; maybe three. One day last week I had to slam on the brakes because some of the babies had marched out on the road ahead of mama and they were so small, I first mistook them for leaves. I guess everyone has been watching for them because they are surviving.


  1. Hello, cute capture of the ducklings. I love your moon photo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. I have heard the term before, most I have seen are filled out

  3. Hello Linda!:) Doves are one of my favourite birds, but we don't see mourning doves here, they are so pretty. I love your very sweet Mallard duck and duckling shots.:) Great moon shot too!:)

  4. One hears mourning doves more often than we see them. Such a soothing bird.

  5. Beautiful picture of the moon. I really like the photos of the duck families too.

  6. Fabulous moon photo...

    All the best Jan


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