June 30, 2017

Five for the End of June

1. Thank you, Dragonstar, for spotlighting my picture of kids fishing on Black and White Weekend. For this weekend's black and white photograph, I converted a color shot to grayscale because it has an old-fashioned subject: a woman spinning wool. 

2. This is a very different picture of kids fishing. I took this one around the corner from our house. 

Sharing with Weekend Reflection and Weekend Green
3. Mersad has challenged us to post something favorite that's "Around the house" for My Town Shoot Out. Here's one of my favorite things.

4. Another of my favorite things is our view. In this scene we see some orange daylilies, geese on the lake, and Massanutten Mountain in the distance.

5. Here's a picture that I took because I liked the message on this girl's shirt: "My Smile Keeps Me Out of Trouble." She kindly let me take her picture.


  1. a good tshirt message. Have a good 4th

  2. Hello, love the views of the water and kids fishing. Your dog Flash is a cutie! Happy weekend to you!

  3. A lake nearby the home, what a paradise! Good message and such an adorable dog.
    Thanks for joining, enjoy your weekend

  4. Lovely post. Your greyscale adaptation fascinates me, as I've done a litle spinning myself.

  5. The monochrome shot could have been taken long ago! Nicely done.

  6. Great photos! The reflection photo is so summery. :-)

  7. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed this mix today.

  8. gosh what pretty scenery and a cute tshirt/girl! flash is adorable and i think he knows it ;) great choice for the black and white subject! thanks for linking up linda!


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