June 17, 2017

Another Picture from Leslie Avenue

We lived in Delray for over a decade. Here's Marie as a student in the yard of our townhouse. I believe she was heading off for college at Antioch in Ohio.

I was taking a photography course at NVCC. I printed this photo from a negative in the school darkroom and dodged (lightened) the face a little more than I intended, but that's not so noticeable in this scanned version. Back then we didn't have digital images or Photoshop so alterations to a photo were done under the enlarger.


  1. Wonderful capture of a time, person, place

  2. Those were the days! I love the ease of everything to do with digital photography - and I don't miss the smelly chemicals!

    Love your photo

    1. Yes, and some of those chemicals were toxic! The school kept a powerful exhaust fan going so that we weren't permanently damaged.

  3. Hello, it is a wonderful photo. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  4. The old dark room, I remember those days. Can't say I miss them, so much easier and cleaner now. Very nice photo Linda.


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