May 4, 2017

Finding Trilliums

For a number of years I've heard about the display of trilliums in the G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area. A photographer mentioned recently that the season for these wildflowers would be over soon, so on Tuesday I drove out I-66 to Route 55 in Linden to visit the place. It's not far from Front Royal and I have passed it a few times while going other places.

There was a sign to it near the Linden Post Office so I turned onto Freezeland Road and went up the mountain. Since the road is not very familiar to me and I was watching for signs, I wasn't driving very fast and soon a pickup truck was right behind me. Since I don't like holding up local drivers who are in a hurry but I didn't want to speed, I looked for a place to turn off and let him go by. I spotted a wide turn-off and swung into it. The truck driver honked in annoyance and sped past.

I noticed that I was at the entrance to a monastery.

I've read about this place in the local paper. It is home to a small group of Dominican Nuns. Curious, I drove down the lane. The monastery building was bigger than I expected.

It is situated on top of a hill, and the view is spectacular!

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After taking a few pictures of the mountain view, I returned to the main road and continued until I saw a sign for the Wildlife Management Area (WMA). I parked in the first parking lot and it turned out to be surrounded by wildflowers. 

A sign says you need a hunting license or fishing license to enter the WMA, but my understanding is that you can hike or take pictures without a problem. I wouldn't hold a party there or pick the flowers though.

The flower with three petals and three leaves is a trillium. A hiker told me that a week ago the forest was carpeted with these blossoms! They still looked pretty special. There were plenty of other wildflowers too.


  1. This is very interesting Linda. I enjoyed the tour you took us on, stunning scenery, interesting about the monastery and those wildflowers are beautiful! Enjoy your Friday and a great weekend :)

  2. A venerable monastery building and nice plants. We haven't Trillium here, but rare there are other plants from Germer-family.
    Enjoy your weekend

    Weekend Green is back and will continous working now...

  3. ...they are blooming here, what a joy!

  4. Trilliums are blooming here in Oregon too, but ours are only white.

  5. Trilliums are our provincial flower, actually. They bloom so brief a time, but they really brighten things up.

  6. I have white, red and yellow on my place

  7. I love trilliums and always wanted to pick in the woods growing up. have you come across any red trillium? I understand that one smells horrible. Would love to see one of those.
    Enjoyed reading your post.

  8. ... yes, that view is magnificent!
    Good to read your post and enjoy your photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. Beautiful view from the monastery there. In a park in a town we used to live in, every spring trillium would cover the ground under the tall trees. They were so pretty to see each year.

  10. That was quite a monastery building. Lovely area to hike and th Trillim is so pretty.


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