April 6, 2017

Horse Country Random-osity

The Good: I'm experimenting with a photo-editing software called Movavi. It's quick and fairly easy, in most ways.

I don't know if you can read the smallest of the three signs, but it says "Caution. Horses, Riders, and Hounds!" (I added the punctuation; our highway signs are very sparing with it.)

The Random: We can't talk about horse country without some horses, can we?

The Fun: I enjoy public art and if it shows an animal, so much the better!

This is a monument to a Civil War cavalry skirmish near Aldie which I've shown here before (in 2013) and also way back in 2004 on my Civil War Field Trips site. I miss those trips with a Northern Virginia Community College class; I took a series of them every summer for 20 years! Finally Dr. Poland retired so now I content myself with an occasional tour at one of our local battlefield parks.

Linkups: Signs, Fences, and Good-Random-Fun


  1. Those horses seem to agree the grass is greenest and tastiest right next to the fence!

  2. Pretty horses in the field, and I like the monument, too! Have a great day!

  3. ...a lot of signs to read.

  4. Each photo is wonderful and love the fences and horses ~ thanks,

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  5. You've got so much of the Civil War right at your proverbial doorstep. The horses must be glad to see spring.

  6. I've read about the skirmish at Allie, but have never been there. I would have enjoyed the class trips you took!

  7. Way to incorporate the 3 memes together. Nice sign/warning, good fences & I liked the art with the horse on it too.

  8. I really like the shot of the horses grazing.

  9. I really like the horses and the zigzag fences shot, too. It's has a lovely peaceful quality.


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