March 10, 2017

Signs of Spring and Greens

1. Trees are blooming and so are daffodils. However, snow is forecast for Monday so some of these blossoms will be nipped in the bud. 

Sharing with Signs of Spring and Flower Friday

2. I made this selfie for a blue-green theme for a photo group. I'm not smiling because this was before the dentist removed stitches from the hole where a tooth was extracted. Yesterday he did, so that's a step in the right direction. I won't get the implant for three months because bone needs to grow. Meanwhile I have a temporary tooth so I can smile even though it doesn't look right to me.

For those who are wondering why my face looks younger, I have a selfie-pose secret: Lie down and let gravity smooth out wrinkles.
3. Here's another portrait. This goose looks happier than I do!  

Orange You Glad It's Friday!
4. This is an old photo of my mother and her cousin Hazel Lou. 

5. Finally, one more picture from my experiments with the blue-green scarf. My iPad has special effects in the Photo Booth app and I got some interesting results.


  1. Wow, your trees are blooming! Great portraits and a lovely play with your scarf - I like these colors.
    Tooth problems are often "fun" for a long time, I know that, sigh!
    Get well soon and thanks for joining

  2. What a stunning bloom, so early in the season !
    I so love your advice for 'hide' wrinkle in our shots and thank you for sharing the vintage photo of your Mum and her cousin, I so love such images !
    Hope you're recovering very soon,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you
    take care darling Linda !

    XOXO Dany

  3. I love your idea to lie down so the wrinkles will smooth out. I must try that.

  4.'s fun to play around with the iPad.

  5. Árvore linda e florida....a selfie também, gostei de vê-la.
    Fiz 5 implantes, gostei do resultado.

  6. What a gorgeous tree! We are also expecting snow, probably just enough to mess with the blossoms we've been enjoying. Good tip there about your selfie! Hope your mouth work continues to go well. it doesn't sound like much fun.

  7. The blooming tree is so gorgeous!!

    Please visit:

  8. That experimental shot is quite something, and that blossoming tree is welcome!

    Here it's as cold a day as it has been all winter.

  9. Interesting shots! And I adore that lovely blooming tree! Spring--yes!!!!

  10. What a great photo you captured of the goose, looks very regal!

  11. Those blossoms are lovely.

    Do hope your dentistry continues well.

    All the best Jan

  12. haha i love your selfie secret! i am sad about all the blooms dying with this snow :( how much are you supposed to get? they have been predicting us anywhere from 1-6 lol...guess that covers everything! thanks for linking up linda...hope your feeling better! have a great week ahead :)

  13. I enjoyed this collection of photos. I love to see the trees in bloom.

  14. Loved your pictures, particularly the goose. Beautiful shades of orange on his beak :)


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