February 6, 2017

Two Panoramas and a Collage

The Good: Isn't it incredible how the setting sun can transform a prosaic scene into a thing of beauty? I took this with my cell phone in a parking lot after picking up a prescription.
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The Random: This mural is on the side of a carpet store in Broadway, Virginia. It shows a covered bridge which no longer exists.
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The Fun: This collage consists of four snapshots I scanned in from 1994. My foster daughter and I visited my older daughter Lynn in Augusta County and we went to a carnival. Amaresh was an immigrant from Eritrea. She and her sister had come to this country as young teenagers after a long journey which they risked to escape a war zone. By the time she came to live with me, her sister was studying in a Job Corps program. She followed in her sister's footsteps after she turned 18 and eventually became a nurse.

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Click on the image to see a larger version. I used PhotoCollage to make this assemblage.


  1. Love your first photo of the sunset! And what a great story about your foster daughter. Glad she found a successful career here in the US.

  2. Great capture of the early evening sky and the bridge mural must brighten up everyone's day. It was good to hear about your foster daughter's success, I hope she continues to thrive in the US. Going to check out Photocollage now!

  3. That first picture is so lovely, you never know what you may see!
    Always good to have your phone handy ...

    All the best Jan

  4. What a lovely covered bridge. Is it still there? Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  5. Nice mural! It's always fun to see a covered bridge in person, also nice in a mural!

  6. Beautiful sky and pretty mural shot. Looks like a fun time at the carnival.


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