February 19, 2017

Toms Brook, Country Brook, Brook Creek

If you head northwest from the truck stop at Toms Brook and turn left at the trailer park, you find yourself on Country Brook Road. Suddenly you're back in rural America! Drive past Country Gardens and bear right near the actual creek called Toms Brook (which the town was named for) and head up Brook Creek Road. (Ya gotta love these names, right?)

Watch for the farm entrance on the right with the brick gateway: Moo Manor! How's that for a name?

The residence does look like a manor house! But this is a working farm, or is ranch a better term? They raise hormone-free beef.

Farther up the road you have the option of bearing left onto Sand Ridge Road. It will take you to Back Road, but before that you'll pass scenic St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.

When you reach Back Road, you can turn right and then make another right at Mt. Olive. That will take you back to the truck stop, where you can buy ice cream or coffee before getting back on the Interstate 81. I like making little tours like this through the country.


  1. Linda, what a great weathered barn! Thanks so much for stopping by, plese stop by again.

  2. Moo Manner - I rather like that!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Gorgeous shots! I love rural America!!!!

  4. One stop we have when doing research through the summer has soft serve. It is tradition to see how much one can get on their cone.

  5. Such pretty and peaceful scenes.

  6. Lovely photo's.
    But Moo Manor ! Isn't that great!

    All the best Jan

  7. Oh, I LOVE the name Moo Manor...I suppose if you had a truck with trailer for moving cattle, you call it the moo-mobile!

    Love the barn and that church...

  8. Nice pictures! Pretty little church.

  9. I enjoyed the trip Linda.. Moo Manor made me smile, the gorgeous 'ranch' was a nice surprise, I wasn't quite sure what to expect with a name like that ☺

  10. Nice old weathered barn and great church.

  11. We love getting out into rural areas like this -- and this countryside is wonderful. Moo Manor is just great. I never have known for sure the difference between ranch and farm, but I think maybe you're right that raising cattle is ranching.

    (And when we are going to eat beef -- less and less often these days -- this kind of ranch is where I want it to come from.)


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