February 26, 2017

Luray Church of the Brethren

This charming brick church is in the town of Luray, Virginia. For those of us who like stained glass windows, here's a closer look at one of them.

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  1. ...we have several back home that look like this.

  2. I love stained glass windows. This is a pretty one. Enjoyed the photos Linda. I haven't been to Luray for several years but I remember a single(?) story building with a mural on the side as we drove into town. I wonder if it is still there.

    1. Probably. Luray has many murals.

  3. What a pretty and unique church!

  4. The steeple looks like it got topped off too soon. The church I attend here is affiliated with the Brethren.

  5. Belas fotos...Espectacular....


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