January 10, 2017

Two Barns and an Old Store

This farm near Toms Brook almost disappears behind a hill as you draw close to it. I took a second picture of the silo so you can see it better.

The next one is not far from Cedar Creek. I'm linking up with the Barn Collective.  Tom has some beautiful snow scenes there today!

Finally we have the old store at Waterlick. Until a few years ago it had a overhang that eventually was taken down by some truck that ran into it. I remember when the store was open. My goodness, I stopped there about 40 years ago to pick up a can opener when we went camping in Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area. I had forgotten to pack that essential item! 

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  1. Linda, I certainly need to get down to your neck of the woods, each week you wet my appetite with your pictures. Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you can make it again.

  2. The old store looks very close to the road- and reminds me of a house that was also much too close to the road near where I grew up.

  3. Fun what memories arrive when revisiting an old site

  4. Nice looking barns and a touch of snow just adds to the scene in that top picture!

    All the best Jan

  5. pretty barn. wonderful memories of the old store.


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