January 3, 2017

Snapshots from New Market, VA

Today I have three photos from the town of New Market, so the Random-osity format fits well.

The Good: This home looks charming. It used to be a B&B.

Sharing with Tuesday Treasures
The Random: Busy Interstate 81 separates the town from the core of New Market Battlefield. An exit here brings travelers into town for food, gas, and sightseeing.

Our World Tuesday
The Fun: There are quaint shops in town, and during the holidays, some cheerful decorations.


  1. I so love the building used as a B&B, its style fascinates me so much !

    Hope your week is off to a good start,
    I'm sending blessings on your New Year


    Xx Dany

  2. Oh....how I like these!! Diversity, charm, and 'country'. I'm so in the mood for livin' country. Tired of city life. LOLOL

    I enjoyed the randoms here today very much. Would've loved having an over-night stay when it was a B&B too.

  3. I love that house and the frosty and Santa are cute!

  4. The house in the first picture looks very friendly and welcoming.

  5. The house, which used to be b&b looks amazing.Good capture.

  6. The photo of the old home captured my attention. I LOVE Virginia and hope to visit again. My special interest is the battlefields there. Great post!

  7. Nice photo's, especially the last one with frosty the snowman and Santa ...

    All the best Jan


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