January 30, 2017

Late January Random-osity

The Good: Farms like this remind me that the Shenandoah is still a fertile valley producing healthful food for people and animals. 
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The Random: Here are some winter scenes from our area. We had an inch or so of snow last night, but most of it melted during the day. 

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The Fun: Seeing trains is fun! I like the whistles and the rumbling sound. This one received some unofficial decoration.

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  1. Love the sight of silo's. I guess I like the idea of grain being store in there! Part of 5th and 6th grade I went with the train to school, so that "rumble" is a very familiar sound:) Yay, thank you for sharing this with ALL SEASONS! Much appreciated - have a great week, Linda!

    By the way, about the snow, so strange that in California we're having more snow that you (on higher altitude though)

  2. Trem e pássaros uma das minhas paixaões, muito frio ....eu não aguentaria!
    Aqui os trens sumiram todos, o governo os baniu!
    belo dia!

  3. Hi Linda, the Good, the Random & the Fun is a fun prompt for a blog post, I feel inspired to try it myself soon!

  4. Linda, a lovely rural scene with the silos. You live in a beautiful section of the country. Thanks for being here this week, please stop back again.

  5. I like how you are interested in a variety of things -- me too. We grew up in one of the only counties in the country without trains (Asotin County Washington) so even after all this time away from there stopping for them still seems kind of exotic to me; i too like the sound and the color and trying to figure out how the heck those graffiti artists get all that decoration done -- and what it all means.

  6. Nice selection of photos, Linda.

  7. Such a beautiful view in that first photo!

  8. You caught the train at exactly at the right moment. I consider it a traveling show. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.


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