January 20, 2017

Five for a Gloomy Friday

Today started out rainy so I didn't get any great sky shots, although the sun did come out this afternoon while I was in physical therapy (for my foot). But let me report on a few things and link to  a few blog hops.

1. Mersad's challenge today is By the Fire. I went back into my photo files for this shot of burning a brush pile. You can't just start a bonfire these days, you have to call the fire marshal first so no one sends out a fire engine!

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

2. An old friend passed away this week. She did not want any fuss made about her passing but someone wrote a remarkable obituary. She was a sister of my ex and I admired her. I took this snapshot many years ago.

3. This morning I was looking out at the rain and I saw a hawk land on the deck railing. Before I could raise my camera, he flew away! He was big and beautiful!

This squirrel will have to stand in for the hawk, although he was on the farther rail.

4. I stopped at the post office to mail off a small package and was delighted to find Wonder Woman stamps! My kids were fans of the old TV series, and now Marie works for DC Comics so I feel a personal connection.

5. The last picture is from a different rainy day. I cropped it and played with it in Photoshop.

Have a good weekend!


  1. ...a gloomy day in history.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend Linda. The squirrel is too cute and the sculpture is beautiful!

  3. Is sent my grandkids Christmas cards with the stamps

  4. It's nice to go back and have a view of it...

  5. Nice collection of shots! I really like the fire picture. The Wonder Woman stamps are fun.

  6. Condolences on the loss of your friend. Shame you couldn't get the photo of the hawk but it is a great photo of the squirrel.

  7. I'm sorry about your friend.

    The angel tombstone is my favourite.

  8. So sorry for the loss of your old friend. Those birds seldom cooperate for our photographs do they?

  9. So very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, condolences to you and her family. I love your new stamps, how cool are they to put on your letters!

  10. Oh, here you just need a permit, and when the burning stuff is over a certain amount, yo need a special permit. They are checking on burning days, but since I live in the forest no fire engine is coming out till you call yourself! Since people burn the needles and leaves of the trees regularly!

  11. I am sorry about the loss of your friend 😢 the squirrel is cute and you did a good job in Photoshop..I have no idea how to use that! Thank you for linking Linda! Bundle up it's going to be a cold weekend!


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