December 17, 2016

Tower of Lines

Thank you, Black and White Weekend for the bonus mention of my Father Christmas portrait. Here's my black and white image for today, shot at an angle.
Also Sharing with Saturday Silhouettes


  1. Thanks for sharing at Saturday Silhouettes, Linda. You may like to reshare in the this week's linky list. I have posted late as I was without internet for a couple of days.

  2. Wonderful collection of lines! Great patterns.

  3. love the composition here. Cool with all straight lines :)

  4. I love this angle with the resulting patterns. It was perfect for B&W. I haven't experimented much with monochrome photography- well, not since I was a child, and B&W film and processing was all my family could afford. Alana

  5. Cool effect! You have a great eye.


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