December 6, 2016

Timeless in Middletown


  1. that is cool .
    everything is really remarkable

  2. Oh my, what a charm, I feel so enchanted with your images, my darling Linda, I seem to be there, in the past times I love so !!!

    Hope you're having a beautiful week,
    I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

    Xx Dany

  3. Fabulous shots - love the re-enactors or whatever they are. I keep trying to watch a film about Gettysburg, but I'm kind of busy at the moment and it's not really Mrs B's cup of tea so viewing is a little patchy!

  4. Thanks goodness for Living History...I wish that I had been there.

  5. Looks like a holiday parade for everyone

  6. I love the expression on the face of the boy seated next to Mary in the second photo. Priceless!
    Thanks for posting at

  7. Looks like it was a great parade!

  8. Thanks, friends! It was a Christmas parade but Middletown is historic so all the usual living history groups were invited to participate. Other groups are in my previous post.


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