December 1, 2016

Theme: Transitions

It's the first of the month already! City Daily Photo challenges us with a new theme for this day, and this month's is Transitions. I'm going to go back to November 8 for these pictures.  It was election day, ending a long and ugly campaign season and beginning a transition for this country.

A Woman Records a Memory
Poll Watcher?
Ideally the transition of power is peaceful. This one seems to be as rancorous as the election itself, but for those who say it was the angriest or most divisive campaign ever, I say remember the election of Lincoln. But we don't, of course, because it was before any of us were born, and many people have only a vague idea of history! Well, between Election Day of 1860 and Lincoln's inauguration, seven Southern states left the United States and formed the Confederate States of America. Several other states seceded after the inauguration once South Carolina's attack on Fort Sumter made war inevitable. Civil War followed, resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and the Southern economy destroyed. So that was worse.

At least I hope so. My biggest concern right now is the environment, with human rights close behind, and also the economy. If we fail to deal with the potential devastation that results from our planet's rapidly changing climate, not much else is going to matter! We are already seeing fires and floods on an alarming scale. This is not the world of my youth.

[Lyric break.]
♫ Cops out with the megaphones, 
Telling people stay inside their home!
Man, can't they see the world's on fire! 
 Somebody take us away, take us away 

 Safe in our garden
An ancient flower blooms, 
And the scent from its nature 
Slowly squares my room.
Take us away, take us away.♫
~ John Phillips


  1. I live in California where wildfires in our forests are all too common. Many of them are caused by poor forest management and not removing the wood that feeds the fires. They want to leave everything wild, and that fuels the fires.

    1. Yes. Sometimes they do "controlled burns" around here to thin out that underbrush.

  2. The environment and human rights are toast now!

  3. Thanks for the perspective and the lyric break! Cool pictures too!

  4. Yeah, I'm worried about things to come....especially human rights and the environment.

  5. I imagine that cowboy was a poll watcher. He seems very suspicious of the camera.

    From the north looking in, it felt like your country lost its senses.

  6. I am quite concerned about what the future will bring for us if we don't take care of what we have now.

  7. I liked your two pictures ...

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan


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