December 15, 2016

Getting Older

I had a milestone birthday so there is no denying it. 
I am officially old! 

Social Security income is a benefit;
An aging body is a sad hard challenge. 
Try to stave it off and you may have a tiny bit of success
But you cannot deny fate. 

Wisdom? Perhaps a little.
More like painful insight, lessons from living long enough
to know that there is no magic wand
and no perfect ending.


  1. Happy Birthday and may your future be filled with many joyous moments and love,

  2. Happy birthday and welcome to the club. May you see there is always good and careless times filled with joyous and healthy years ahead

    1. Sorry, not careless, I mean carefree

    2. Sometimes careless times are the most fun! ;-)

  3. ...I also pasted that milestone.

  4. This is so true. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  5. That time slips by fast. I still hear a young man talking, but see it very different in the mirror

  6. The most important thing to know about turning 70 (I beat you by three months) is that we are still here and living life!

  7. The years do go by so quickly, we should all do our best to enjoy every moment.

    I do hope you had an enjoyable and happy birthday.

    All the best Jan

  8. I am 66 and determined to enjoy to the fullest however many years (or days) I have left. Counting my many blessings helps!
    Happy Birthday!

  9. Every day you're still alive is a gift!

  10. I say any birthday is a reason to celebrate. You've made it another year! Much better than the alternative...


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