November 20, 2016

Wardensville, November 2nd

Faith Mission Church in Wardensville dates to 1902. A modern brick addition can be seen behind it in this view.
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When we were across the mountain early this month, I took many pictures including a few of the church and nearby . Mostly I took pictures of Warden Lake. I posted a trio of them that same day. Since it was a gorgeous autumn day, I want to share more of them now.

A plaque honors Loring (Booze) Orndorff, whose "loyal service was devoted to the public use and enjoyment of Warden Lake."

The lake has a new boat ramp. I mentioned to a fisherman that it looked nice and he opined that he would prefer that the money had been spent on improving the road. I hadn't found the road to be bad, but then I noticed on the way back to town that there are some sharp turns that might be tricky if you were towing a boat trailer.

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A Spot for Fishing from a Wheelchair 


  1. Interesting, because that little white church would not look out of place in a number of small rural towns in Australia - built at similar times I suppose.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. ...some mighty nice views from your neck of the woods.

  3. The lake looks nice and peaceful.

  4. Lovely scenes. The lake looks peaceful.

  5. Interesting simple church. The lake is very nice.

  6. That lake looks a very nice place to visit.

    All the best Jan


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