November 25, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Randoms

1. Marie wanted to visit a particular store while she was here, so we went there this morning. We were the only customers even though this is the biggest shopping day of the year. I guess most people weren't buying old architectural house parts today. She bought some shelf brackets and a hook.

2.  It gets dark early now so I'm likely to be driving home around sunset. I stopped in Strasburg to capture the one below.

For more skies, check out the Skywatch linkup.  I'm also sharing this one with Orange You Glad It's Friday.

3. I'm thankful that Marie was able to visit us for Thanksgiving, even though her stay was brief. I drove her to the Metro this afternoon and she took a train to New Jersey, where she has an apartment even though she mostly lives in California because of her job.

4. Next we have some flag-related symbols. Miss Liberty is painted on a window in Strasburg. The poster with the red, white and blue heart caught my eye on a website. It apparently comes from a Facebook group called Hate Has No Home Here. They produce these signs to remind school children that they are cared for.

5. Finally, this is a shot I snapped with my cellphone this afternoon. Some Canada Geese were flying by.  Even though I see them all the time on our community lake, I still love to watch the way they fly.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Those cards are a great idea! Lovely sky shot.

  2. Thank you for another so inspiring post, darling Linda !

    Hope you had the most joyful Thanksgiving Day ever,
    I'm sending blessings of joy on your weekend

    Much Love

    Xx Dany

  3. Nice images Linda! I love the look on Flash's face :)

  4. I wish that "Hate Has No Home Here" was true.

  5. I visited the Facebook page of that wonderful graphic, and they are offering a graphic for free printing, if it is not used for political purposes. May that movement thrive. And, additionally, loved your photos. Alana

  6. That sunset is so gorgeous ...

    All the best Jan

  7. The sunset and the flying geese are my two favorites. Lovely pictures.


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