November 12, 2016

Don't Feed the Goats!

Goats are cool critters, so when I had a chance to see these guys near Hedgesville, I stopped by tho say hello. A sign says, "Do not feed us no matter what we tell you. "

Next we have something that fooled me for a moment. I was waiting in the car while Frank went in a store.I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw an elephant! Within a few seconds I realized it wasn't really an animal at all, but a towel draped over the front seat. 

Do you see the elephant?
Here's something else you may have to look twice to see. Mr. Turtle is sitting on a log.

Weekend Reflections
Here's a squirrel on my bird bath!


  1. My sister want to get a goat for her farm as she says they are so smart... Michelle

  2. I also have seen the elephant, what a curious thing !
    Your posts are always so very captivating and charming, darling Linda, thank you for sharing your experiences with us !

    Sending blessings of joy on your Sunday

    Xx Dany

  3. Hello, I love the goats too, they are cool critters. It does look like an elephant. Love the turtle too. Great finds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. It took me a few minutes to see the elephant. The goats are cool and that small turtle is cute.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Some interesting finds, those goats must have eaten something b-a-a-d

  6. Ha! I saw the elephant right away. :D Great photos. I enjoyed this roundup of creatures. Happy Sunday!

  7. I looked at the fall foliage behind the goats - what a beautiful yellow/gold that is! Alana

  8. Love that first shot Linda, did you get the feeling you were being watched, even the goats behind are giving you 'the look'.. I bet they're thinking ..'ignore the sign'. The background colour is glorious! Super sweet little squirrel.

  9. That sign is a hoot!

    I'm sure the goats don't agree.

  10. "Ignore the sign. We love pizza."

    The squirrel looks as squirrels always look- bewildered at being caught.

  11. I love goats. I don't think they would agree with that sign! lol

  12. Oh I just love the squirrel on your bird bath ...

    All the best Jan

  13. I love your lovely and quirky critters, including the elephant! When I'm waiting for Bill like that, I just entertain myself with my phone or kindle ... I must start looking for exotic animals instead )))


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