October 7, 2016

Friday Linkups plus a Blogspot Glitch

Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday format is great for a post on random topics. Today I'm starting with a black and white image and then switching to some color photos and a screen print. 

1. This side of a barn has plenty of texture plus an artful collage of tools.  
Sharing with Black and White Friday and #black_and_white
2. Here we see some rain clouds moving in from the left.
Sharing with Cloudy Days and Skywatch Friday
3. This cat is watching the lake by our community's entrance.
Sharing with Pet Parade
4. After an appointment in Front Royal the other day we stopped at Spelunker's for burgers. They have fresh flowers on the tables and I liked the shadow.

5. Finally, I want to vent about some blogger craziness! My older posts are appearing with the format messed up! Words are running right over the pictures. Apparently the Chrome browser is ignoring come alignment codes.  Other Blogspot users are reporting that things are disappearing from their sidebars. Blogger help tells them to empty their cache or try a different browser, but I find just going to the next page and then coming back fixes the problem. Switching to Safari works too. 


  1. Love that old barn! Great shots.

  2. Wonderful textures in your barn photo, and I love that artistic decoration!

  3. I was having some of the same problems with my blog. When I use Chrome, things look completely different on it than on another browser. Then, when I use my iPhone.... it is so different than either of those.

  4. The cat is looking at something. The barn texture is wonderful.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Great idea to do B&W with the barn photo. It looks fantastic. Love that barn art too. A perfect photo. Thanks for sharing the link of the person who tags Monarchs. I will definitely visit her/him. Have a great weekend Linda. Christa

  6. Good advice, Linda. yep, it's gonna rain today but like you said, so thankful that we aren't getting the hurricane force. Good day to watch football on tv.

  7. That barn image is my kind of shot...

  8. Oh wow - I love the photo of the cat! The barn photo is really great too - I love it in b&w

  9. The cat's a beauty. I have noticed some glitches with blogs as of late.

  10. Wood siding makes great b&w as your photo proves. I love the flowers with the shadow.

    Blogger drove me crazy. I miss it sometimes, but don't miss it other times because of the random craziness.

  11. I feel your pain with Blogger. Blogger deleted the blogroll on my blog's sidebar. Boo!

  12. Some great images here Linda.

    Blogger has again been changing things as many of us have found out. Perhaps wait a while ... they will change things again ... and we may be back to 'normal' - whatever normal is!!!

    Happy Sunday
    Happy New Week To

    All the best Jan

  13. Nice mix of shots. I haven't had problems with Blogger lately, but I have in the past.

  14. ugh about the blogging issues...so far i have been lucky, knock wood...those are sure some pretty flowers at the table and i took like the lighting and the shadows....the kitty looks like he's spotted something! love the black and white! thank you for linking linda!


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