October 9, 2016

Double Tollgate and Lake Frederick

This church stands at Double Tollgate, a small town at the intersection of Fairfax Pike and Front Royal Pike. The roads have other names and Route 340 turns at this point, so rather than confusing you with all the names and numbers, I'll just say this is on the corner that's diagonal from Dinosaur Land.

Between that intersection and Front Royal you'll see a sign to Lake Frederick. A new restaurant has opened there with a deck overlooking the lake. It has the odd name of Region's 117 because they try to buy food that's grown within a range of 117 miles. 

The restaurant's deck overlooks the lake. You can see the public boat landing and new townhouses.


  1. The locally grown idea is real big here, but I am not sure what they will do next month as winter approaches. We tossed around the idea with the farm.

  2. My brother took his kids up to Dinosaurland but we haven't been.

  3. these are really well taken pics. Did youse a phone camera?

    1. No, I used a point and shoot. Thanks.

  4. Nice views! Did you eat at the restaurant?

  5. Pretty views of the lake there. That's a nice photo of you too. :)

  6. Nice place for a restaurant. Beautiful area and a nice image of you.

  7. Some lovely views, and what a great photo of you too.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan

  8. It sounds like a good place- and concept- for a meal.

  9. Gorgeous view from the restaurant. Is the food good?


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