September 13, 2016

Open House at the Stoner Keller Mill

On Sunday afternoon, the mill in Fishers Hill was open for tours. It is privately owned so this was a rare chance to view the inside of the building and explore the grounds.

Built in 1772,  the mill stands along scenic Tumbling Run (shown in previous posts). The interior is renovated into comfortable rooms but no longer looks like a mill. Recently the owner restored the exterior of the mill by making the mill wheel functional.

The three photos below are from March. I had heard a mill pond had been built so I drove up Battlefield Road to view it. Sure enough, the new dam had been completed and the pond had filled with water from the creek.


  1. Yes, great mind think alike! There are a few mills in this area, but rarely do I see the wheels remaining. Sounds like a fun time. Thanks linda for you visit, please stop back again.

  2. I like that color of blue. They did a nice job of renovating it. I'm sure it was neat to take the tour.

  3. What a beautiful building and surroundings!


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