September 28, 2016

Foot Random-osity

The Good: On Friday I wanted very much to get out of the "boot" that was provided after food surgery because I was afraid it would get caught under one of the pedals when I was driving. It was also clumsy and heavy, so I adapted my new sandals so I could wear them over my bandaged foot.

This involved cutting two straps from old sandals and making holes in them. Boom, instant expanders! The old buckles are the brown suede ones to the right of the shinier buckles. My new Birkenstocks are the same style as my old ones except the new pair is black and not suede. I loved my old ones but the soles were so worn that the tacks were starting to come through. The podiatrist had commented several times that these shoes are good for my feet!

The Random: Yesterday I went back to the doctor and he removed the bandages, declared the healing satisfactory, and wrapped the elastic back around my foot, but not before I took my cell phone and snapped a picture to show the smiley face he had drawn on there when he removed the bone spur last week.

I have to go back to his office again next week to be checked again. Meanwhile there is less pain every day.

The Fun: Pets are fun, but this post is not really about fun. This part is about a coincidence. Flash has been limping for a week and finally I got him to the vet today. Dr. Coston checked him out and said the the poor dog has loose ligaments so he is no longer able to walk on his toes, which is how dogs usually walk (unlike us).

Me: "I am so surprised because my doctor told me I have loose ligaments and that's how I injured my foot! But it's weird because Flash and I are not related."

I'm sure the vet already knew that Flash was adopted! Anyway, Flash now has a prescription for painkillers. Also, I guess long walks are no longer a treat for him. 


  1. Glad your foot is healing! Yes, I hated wearing my boot have a good solution. Poor Flash, hope the meds help.

  2. How strange you both have the same. Wish you a speedy recovery and relief from pain for Flash xx

  3. I hope the dogs not having sympathy pain for you. Hope the healing speeds up.I like the adaption of the sandal and your doc not getting mad. Take care, I am told I need to listen more when I go to docs, a guy thing to ignore them a bit.My daughter always grills me after.

  4. It's great that your foot is healing with no problems. I hope Flash's medication gives him some relief.

  5. Both of you are having quite a time of it.

  6. Well as William also said ... both of you are having quite a time of it!
    However, I am pleased you foot is slowly healing.
    I certainly hope Flash is not in too much pain.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

  7. I'm sorry to hear Flash is having problems. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend, though.


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