August 1, 2016

Strasburg's Elusive Skyline

It's Theme Day for City Daily Photo and this month's theme is "My City's Skyline." 

This was a tough theme for me. I live close to two large towns and neither of them have a skyline that is easy to view because of trees and hills. Here I'm looking at Strasburg, Virginia, since that's where my mailing address is, although I actually reside in a different county.

The twilight view of Strasburg's water tower is one that I've shown three times on this blog, but the only thing it tells you about the town is that we have a water tower and we're near the mountains. You can see this view from the Food Lion parking lot on Hupp's Hill.

If you look back at the town from one of the hills across Cedar Creek, you see the outskirts of town that stretch out toward the interstate highway. 

The best views I've found that are reachable by car are on the hill at Stoney Pointe.  However, you can't see the historic center of town because it is obscured by trees. 
A factory is on the left. Near the center is the water tower.
Looking north from Daniel Court at Stoney Pointe you see houses.
I also drove up by the water tower and looked back toward Stoney Pointe. The historic district is below us but it's behind the trees. The hill that I'm standing on here was the location of General Banks' fort during the Civil War. To the right we see the end of the Massanutten Range.

When you drive through Strasburg, it appears to be a quaint little town, but from the hills you see it is spread out and there are many houses. The 2010 population was around 6,400. 


  1. Great collection of views of your towns!

  2. I knew you lived fairly near Strasburg --but didn't know you were THAT close. We loved our visit there --when we stayed at the old hotel in Strasburg...

    You got some great pictures of the skyline around your area.

  3. You did a good job of showing the beauty of Strasburg, even if it doesn't have a 'proper' skyline. We were very impressed with the town when we visited a couple of years ago.

  4. I love your first photo! Nice capture of the sky.

  5. A skyline full of trees seems like a great skyline to me. :)


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