August 24, 2016

Mount Storm Lake

Power Plant
This lake is in Grant County, West Virginia, not far from Scherr. Some locals refer to it as Lake Vepco after the power company that has since changed its name to Dominion. We reached it by driving the new highway that extends Route 55 west from Moorefield.  

The ridges here are part of the "Allegheny Front," one of the windiest places east of the Mississippi. No wonder we saw long rows of wind turbines here!
Mt. Storm Lake


  1. Great black and white pictures Linda.

  2. Fantastic in black and white. So dramatic!

  3. your first image made me miss my kajak. Sold it a few years ago.

  4. Your lovely photos make me want to revisit.

  5. Great B&W's, Linda.... We are trying hard to prevent those big ole turbines from coming into our area...


  6. The black and white adds to the drama of these photos--especially in the first one.

  7. Black and white works well for these shots!

  8. Love that you shared info about your photo since I don't travel much. Great photo captures. :)

    visiting from Black and White Wednesday


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