August 21, 2016

Inspired in Fort Valley

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This is one of the churches in Fort Valley, which is in Shenandoah County. Since I didn't make any notes about this building, I have no details to share. Let me make up for it by posting another image from that area. This quaint window is on the restored cabin at Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area. 

Here's a drawing of the cabin as it appears on an interpretive sign. It was reconstructed by the CCC in 1936 using logs salvaged from five or six decaying buildings.

I posted a fanciful image of this cabin in 2010.


  1. That time of history produced some really great buildings. Nice pictures.

  2. Looking at it does not give the appearance of a chruch

  3. the AC looking out of place, I'm sure that it is welcomed on a hot day

  4. A friends home is built around the original cabin

  5. what a gorgeous cloudy day. so lovely.

    i love the shutters, what a cool cabin. neat-o!! ( ;

  6. it's neat to see how the cabin used to be!

  7. I recognize both the little church in Fort Valley and also the cabin at the Elizabeth Furnace Recreation area. George and I took our pictures together on the steps of that cabin... Such a wonderful area. Check out my blog post when we were there in April, 2014:

  8. I like the little church, and that's an interesting bit of history about the cabin.

  9. I like the simplicity of the church.

  10. Is that a window air-conditioner in the restored cabin? I'm sure the original occupants would have loved to have one!

    1. Yes, I like the odd combination of eras.

  11. I do like the sky in your first photo

    All the best Jan


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