July 20, 2016

Trail Cam Monochromes

I don't check my trail camera very often because it hasn't captured anything great since a bear came through the yard last year. Mostly we get pictures of geese, a cat, and Frank cutting the grass.

When the light is low, the images switch to black and white.
This cat is a regular visitor.
Movement triggers the camera to take a picture. Sometimes a picture caused by wind or rain is worth saving.

I've got some unrecognizable critters like this one. It could be a possum or raccoon.

What do you think this is?
The next one is shaped like a small deer. I've cropped it for a closer look. The streak that obscures the head is caused by the infrared beam that the camera shoots out.

You may notice that the images say "Camera 1." I don't have a second trail cam, but if I were buying one now I'd probably look for one with a flash. (See this article.)

And finally, this one appears to be a fox. He's shown up on the camera before although I've never seen him in person.


  1. It is fun to see what goes on when you aren't around

  2. That one looks like a possum to me. It's cool to see who and what is passing by when no one else is there.

  3. A lot of critters will only come around in the night. I'm thinking that questionable one's a possum.


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