July 18, 2016

The Bowman-Hite Barn

On Friday we went to a History at Sunset Program at Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park. The setting was the Bowman-Hite Farm on Bowman's Mill Road. It is not usually open to the public. 

Ranger Kyle gave an interesting talk on the history of the farm and the plans for restoring it. This sturdy bank barn will be painted and maintained.

We were allowed to go inside. It's in good shape.


  1. I hope it will get restored soon. It looks like a promising place.

  2. I like the De Laval sig, their equipment is still being sold to dairy farmers. The barn looks great and seems to have never been painted, why paint it now? Thanks Linda for sharing this week, please stop back again.

    1. They found signs of paint. It will help preserve the wood.

  3. I'm glad these old barns are being preserved. They are a bit of history.

  4. The barn is well worth the preservation efforts.

  5. How interesting that you got to hear the history of this barn. I'm glad to hear it is being restored.

  6. What a great old barn, Linda... I'm sure it was great to hear the history. So glad that someone has taken interest and that it will be restored, although, as you said, it is already in good shape.....


  7. How fun! I would have loved to have gone!

  8. Good to read about the interest in this barn, and the work that will be going on.

    All the best Jan


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