July 5, 2016

Seeking Treasure in Winchester

Even though it was raining when we went to the festival in Winchester on Sunday, I still took dozens of pictures. Surely in such a historic town, I captured something for Tuesday's Treasures.

This building would have qualified but I only got a partial shot because I was photographing the flag, not the building.

The dog was handsome but I don't think Tom would say he's a treasure. The toys would spark his interest if they were antiques, but they aren't.

Frank took this shot. It's too silly to submit as a treasure.

Okay, I have a picture of a World War II jeep. Tom will like that!The sign on the front says Bastogne, which was the site of a 1944 battle.

That church is no doubt a treasure too. I should have stepped back and made a portrait of it.


  1. Oh come on Linda, your rainy day (what I would do for some rain) in Winchester is a treasure. Each and every day is a treasure and I hope that you enjoyed your 4th. Have a great week and please stop back again.

    1. Thanks. I may be a bit of a perfectionist. 😏

  2. My grandfather used to restore jeeps like that.

  3. This was definitely a place for treasure hunting! :)

  4. The jeep is indeed a treasure. A symbol of all the hard work and tireless sweat and tears of fighting for our freedom.

  5. Fun mix of photos. I like the one of you and the yellow duck. :)

  6. Nice set of photos. That dog is a treasure to someone :)

  7. The Jeep's a welcome sight... and so is the dog!

  8. Good set of photo's - I just love the one of you and the duck! It made me smile, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  9. You found a number of treasures it looks

  10. The sweet babi chocolate found something of interest, did you get it for her? The giant rubby ducky could star in its own horror movie.

  11. I think all of the photos count as treasures. Each one has something old/vintage in it. Nice mix.


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