July 31, 2016

Last Year in Girdletree

Last summer we vacationed on the Eastern Shore and I never did post all my photos. These scenes are from the small town of Girdletree, Maryland. I pulled into a parking spot just to take these pictures. 

Barnes Bank, c. 1902
I was intrigued by the town's name. Girdling trees is a way of killing them by removing a band of bark and early settlers did this to clear land. (See the Maryland Forest Site for more about this.)


  1. Very nice unusual church but I love that old bank

  2. Very beautiful, delicate architecture.
    Great pictures, Linda.
    Greetings from Poland.

  3. i love the bank. such character. neat finds! ( :

  4. Great church Linda, quite different.

  5. Hi, I've heard of a lot of strange names for town (like my home town --named Big Stone Gap)---but have never heard of Girdletree. Neat to stop and check out small towns, isn't it?


  6. Pretty church and that's a quaint little bank. I've never heard of girdling before. How interesting!


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