July 15, 2016

Friday Five for Mid-July

1. News reports have been disturbing this week and all I can do is offer another rainbow picture as a symbol of hope. 

2. How about some fancy daylilies?

3.  Here's a cat that I used some filters on in Photoshop.

Pet Parade
4. This black and white shot of my little sister is one I took many years ago when I was eleven.

5.  This final shot is more recent; I took it late this afternoon to illustrate "Golden Glow."

Have a peaceful weekend. 


  1. Sad when one person feels they can control the world and other peoples lives

  2. Thank you for the hopeful and peaceful photos, Linda. We can use all the hope we can find these days.

  3. Wonderful shots! You even did great at age 11! :-) Love the rainbow and the sky, and those daylilies are gorgeous. The cat reminds me of one we used to have.

  4. Eleven! You must have been born a photographer! Lovely shots, all.

  5. I appreciate your positive post with lots of pretty photos.


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