July 8, 2016

Five Friday Topics, July 8th

1. My dad was born July 7, 1916, so he would be 100 now. I took this picture of him on a family trip to  Watkins Glen when I was 11 years old.

2.  PhotoFriday has challenged us to post a Golden photo. I took this photo in the golden light of late afternoon.

3. Here are some roadside flowers I spotted in Shenandoah County last month. 

Orange You Glad and Skywatch Friday
4. We own spare lots next to ours and we are considering selling at least one of them. We had a perc test done, which is required because we don't have public sewers available out here in the country.

5. Mersad challenged us to post a picture for the word Splash and I'm happy to show you the Splash Pad in Winchester, VA. This is on the pedestrian mall and it looks like great fun for kids.
Have some fun this weekend!


  1. My dad would've had his century this year too. Lovely shot - I bet that's really precious, not least for the memory. Love the look of that splash pad! Do they let adults play in it???

    1. I didn't see any adults in it but I imagine parents get in there on a really hot day.

  2. #1 My Dad was born in 1918 and I've been to Watkins Glen many times.
    #2 Great golden pond.
    #3 Nice roadside garden.
    #4 Bobcat digging.
    #5 Water sports.

  3. Those splash pads come in handy this time of year.

  4. I like the Splash Pad, I might even give it a try as hot as its been.

  5. What a nice photo of your dad with the background of stone and steps.
    As far as the splash pad goes, I would love to park a chair with me in it right in the center, especially on a day like today.

  6. I want to go to the splash pad!

  7. Fun collection of photos! Nice photo of your Dad. I'm sure that one holds good memories for you.

  8. i love the photo of your dad :) those splash pads are so nice for kids when you are out in the heat! love your "golden" shot! thank you for linking linda, have a great weekend!


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