July 17, 2016

Christ Church, Shepherdstown

This church on East German Street was founded in 1747 but the brick building we see here does not date back that far. According the church's website, the original church was a log building.  The oldest part of the present structure is the stone tower that supports the steeple. It faces the cemetery instead of the street. 

A plaque on the cemetery wall names "Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots" who were buried here. Their surnames (for those who are searching for their West Virginia ancestors) are Cookus, Haines, Haynes, Hensel, Hoffman, Schell, Seever, Staley, Walforth and Yeasley.

Across the street is another cemetery. A sign tells us it is the Lutheran Graveyard dating as far back as 1774. 

The Lutheran Cemetery also has a plaque listing "Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots" as named by the NSDAR. Surnames are Estler, Foulks, Link, Ronemous, and Sheetz. 


  1. What a lovely church, the window is special.

  2. Lots of history, does your family date back that far? i am 4th generation

    1. Yes, several branches of my family reach back that far. I don't think I'm related to any of the names on the signs but it's not impossible because some of my grandfather's ancestors lived near Antietam, which is across the river from that town.

  3. It's quite a distinctive looking church.

  4. Pretty church. I love the stained glass window.

  5. i love the stain glass. you always seem to find the most quaint rural ones, i prefer those. even though the city fancy ones are neat to see. these rural ones make me feel at home, i would be more more likely to walk into one of these and feel at home. not so nervous about visiting some where new that is. ( :

  6. Fascinating post and photos Linda.
    I find graveyards so interesting even when I don't have any ancestors there.
    Gorgeous window too.


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