June 8, 2016

RMH in B&W

Today I spent seven hours in Rockingham Memorial Hospital because Lynn had "laparoscopic cholecystectomy," or gall bladder surgery. Fortunately it went well and she was able to leave at the end of the day.

After I got tired of using my iPad and reading the paper, I took a few cell phone pictures looking down from the balcony. The hospital is new and attractive.


  1. Looks good in black and white with all those lines and shadows.

  2. Great b & w shot. Hope Lynn is feeling better soon!

  3. I really like the shadows and light in this photo. Very well done!

  4. Black and white really brings out the best in this space.

  5. Interesting photo in black and white. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well.

  6. Works really well in black and white ... the dark and shade I like it.
    Pleased to hear surgery went well.

    All the best Jan

  7. Amazing shot, especially in B/W.
    Greetings from Germany
    May entry

  8. Glad that things went well. The shadows and lines work well for monochrome. Nicely done.


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