June 28, 2016

Return to the 8th Vermont Monument

This monument near Middletown was re-dedicated on Saturday morning. We stopped by there later to take a look. Reenactors from Vermont were there, camping in these spartan tents like the soldiers did in 1864.

When I first saw this monument in 2009, the property was privately owned. It is now part of the new Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park. Many people are still unaware that this park exists, although it is very close to the intersection of Interstates 66 and 81.

"The 8th Vermont Vols, Genl. Stephen Thomas Commanding Brigade Advanced across the Pike The morning of Oct. 19, 1864. Engaged the enemy near and beyond this point, and before sunrise lost in killed and wounded 110 men. Three color bearers were shot down and 13 out of 16 commissioned officers. Whole number of men engaged 164. Dedicated Sept. 1885.
 Gift of Herbert E. Hill"


  1. Sitting and talking story!

  2. These reenactors really look the part.

  3. You do live in a very historical area. I bet it's neat to go and listen to the stories during these re-enactments. Those tents sure are small, don't provide much shelter.

  4. So much history to be remembered and honored in your area!


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