June 19, 2016

My Folks and a Station Wagon

My dad was a clever man! He could fix things and build things. One of the things that amazed me was the way he could pack all our camping gear in the back of the station wagon. He didn't just cram it all in; he organized it. He built boxes for tools and kitchen equipment. He packed so that things we might need on the road were accessible. I have never known anyone who could pack a car as well as he did.

I was still a kid when I took this picture. Hope all you dads out there felt appreciated on Father's Day.


  1. What a great picture. Sounds like he had some talents!

  2. My van is always packed and ready to go all summer and into the fall.

  3. Beautiful homage for Father's Day. Your father was obviously unusual. Lovely photo, too.

  4. My dad was good at that too. I did speak with him yesterday.

  5. What a great picture and sweet memory of your Dad.


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